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Sunday School

Children are important to God. During Jesus’ earthly ministry He took time to minister to them and to bless them.

When your children and teens join our Sunday School they will learn more about Jesus Christ and how to build a relationship with Him. Our Sunday School staff will interactively teach biblical truths of salvation and partner with you to help shape the values of your children.

Your children will benefit from age appropriate training and lessons, as they are placed in one of the following groups at the times shown:

  • Infants : Ages 3-5 years Saturdays at 4PM
  • Primary Scholars: Ages 6 – 8 years Sundays at 11AM
  • Elementary Thinkers: Ages 9 – 11 years Sundays at 11AM
  • Teen Explorers: Ages 12 – 15 years Sundays at 11AM
  • Discipleship : Ages 16 plus Sundays at 11AM

Our committed teachers provide a loving Christian teaching environment that is Gospel centred. Our aim is to see your children come to know more about Christ, grow in Him, be trained in the bible, and develop a biblical world view as they serve Him.

During this period as Covid 19 restrictions were in place,  all our sessions will be held using the Zoom platform.  As these restrictions are now being gradually removed we will resume in person Sunday School from May 2022.

Classes will therefore take place on Sunday mornings at the specified time during our worship service.

Use the form below and let us know the class you will like to have your child attend. We will contact you with the relevant link to allow you child to be a part of our Sunday School.