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The women of Agape are known as the Daughters of Zion. When you fellowship with us you become a part of our 4H mission where you partner in helping, healing, hospitality and where you will certainly have fun.

You will be a part of HELPING women in need and practically demonstrating God’s love in action.

You will help introduce women to and benefit from the HEALING power of God. If you are sick, discouraged or brokenhearted we stand with you and allow God to bind your wounds. You will be strengthened as we frequently pray for the needs of women.

You will enjoy practicing HOSPITALITY to the women in God’s house and all women in need.

You will enjoy HAVING FUN whenever we meet as together we commit ourselves to the abundant life that Jesus Christ provides. You will rejoice in God’s goodness and become rejuvenated through fellowship.

The Daughters of Zion will like to have you join us and joyfully share in this abundant life that Christ gives. Contact US using the form below to find out about our meetings, prayer and fellowship times.

Do you need more information about the Daughters of Zion? Complete and send to us the form below and a member of our team will connect with you.

Agape Curepe

41 Riverside Rd
Trinidad & Tobago

Agape Guanapo

#54 Heights of Guanapo Road
Wallerfield, Arima
Trinidad & Tobago

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