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If as a man you are interested in studying the bible, praying and fellowshipping with other men then Agape Guanapo Men’s Fellowship is the place for you. Additionally, when you join us you will enjoy sharing your skills such as plumbing etc with other men and occasionally joining together to use your expertise as we help others in need of upgrade to their homes.

You can find us meeting every other Saturday at 6pm where we also discuss various issues pertinent to men and help develop skills that are necessary for building God’s kingdom.

Connect with us by completing the Form below so we can give you details of our next meeting.

Our Men - Guanapo
Agape Curepe

41 Riverside Rd
Trinidad & Tobago

Agape Guanapo

#54 Heights of Guanapo Road
Wallerfield, Arima
Trinidad & Tobago

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