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At the inauguration of Agape Bible Ministries this is God’s word of commission that Pastor Sam shared with the membership:

You are called by the Lord to be like Mount Zion, the place:

Where the voice of the Lord is heard

Where God’s joy is

Where God’s presence is      

Where God’s deliverance is wrought


To raise up a local church characterized by the manifestation of the love of God:

A body of people whose love for, acceptance of and commitment to each other demonstrate their discipleship to the Lord Jesus Christ.

To raise up by the power of the Holy Spirit:

A house of God where the bible is taught as the literal inerrant living word of God

And where believers are instructed how to make practical application of this word to their daily lives so that they may function as salt and light on the earth.

To raise up under God:

A New Testament church in the fullest meaning of the term,

Where all the truth of so great salvation is faithfully proclaimed

And believers are encouraged to appropriate their full spiritual inheritance in God,

So that they develop fully in every area of their lives and fulfill the purpose and calling of God upon their lives, so that every member comes to a place of spiritual maturity and functioning in God.

To raise up:

A house of God, committed to the present truths and the current progressive restoration move of God in the church.

A church mandated by God to proclaim the fullness of redemption through the precious blood of Jesus Christ, with particular reference to the breaking of curses and the deliverance of Christians from spirits of darkness holding areas of their lives in bondage.


To raise up:

A New Testament church
A Book of Acts church
A delivering church
A praising church
A life giving church
A life flowing church
A praying church
A rejoicing church
A spirit filled church
A miracle working church
A prophetic church

Join Us In This New Season

As we move forward in this new season of the life of Agape Bible Ministries we will be:

Worshippers, Overcomers, Witnesses and Warriors.

As a church we will live by the Apostles’ Doctrine in Acts 2:42 as we know and obey the Word of God, the Bible.

We will take part regularly in Communion, to remember the Lord Jesus Christ in His death, resurrection and return to end this age of human history.

We will fellowship with each other and look out for each other in love.

We will learn, practise and adventure in all kinds of prayer taught in Scripture and move beyond the prayers with which we have become comfortable.

Join us and be a part of this exciting new season!

As you join us and commit your life to God

You will develop a deepening trust in God as your Father and become like the patriarch Abraham as you believe God

You will be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ in thought, speech and action and develop as a witness of Him.

You will learn to walk in the Holy Spirit as you hear and obey His prompting in your daily life so that you glorify God as a New Creation in Him.

Agape Curepe

41 Riverside Rd
Trinidad & Tobago

Agape Guanapo

#54 Heights of Guanapo Road
Wallerfield, Arima
Trinidad & Tobago

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