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Pastor Samuel Richard Philip and his wife Grace Philip founded Agape Bible Ministries in Trinidad and Tobago in 1987. Having been called by God to serve Him in this way together they began this exciting journey trusting God for His leadership and direction each step of the way.

On 9th July, 2018 Pastor Sam was taken home to be with Jesus. His ministry, his love for God and his care for God’s people impacted thousands both locally and abroad. Here are a few tributes as we celebrate his life and work.

Pastor Sam

Bro. Meryn Alexander - August 17, 2019

This is a short tribute speech in remembrance of our beloved Pastor Samuel Philip, who went to be with The Lord on July 9th 2018. A Tribute is traditionally an acknowledgement or expression of gratitude, respect, and admiration for a person who is alive.

A Eulogy is praising or as we say “bigging-up”, the deceased. With regard to Pastor Sam, both terms apply; for although he is absent from the body, he is present with the Lord. Samuel Philip was a Preacher, a Prayer-Warrior, a Teacher and, to the surprise of many of the congregation of the Agape Bible Ministries, a Singer/Worship Leader with a very deep bass voice; deeper than that of the legendary Paul Robeson negro-spiritual Singer.

A Great Man of God

Bishop Aaron Williams - August 17, 2019

Praise the Lord friends! It is a great honor for me to be asked to say something on a day such as this. A day when we remember a great man of God, late Apostle Samuel Philip. I call him a great man of God because he lived and his life proved this.

He was one who loved his creator and did everything in his capacity to please the Lord. He was a man full of the Spirit since he prayed a lot and would always be led by the Holy Spirit in all that he wanted to do. He was a man who was kind, sociable and easily approachable.

Only Pastor Sam

The Singh Family - August 30, 2019

Pastor Sam has been our pastor and friend of the family for longer than 30 years. He brought Jesus to us. He witnessed our baptisms, performed our wedding ceremony, dedicated our children, buried our parents, the whole nine yards.

He was someone who we had the utmost confidence and trust in. We have a local saying, “Only in Trinidad…”. Well, our family says, “Only Pastor Sam.” Simply because his heart, ideals, ethics and faith in the Lord was unique to him. We are yet to encounter a single human being who possesses such character; he was the total package.

We thank God for the privilege to have known and loved him. To purely have him be a part of our lives. His teachings will forever resonate in our hearts. His soothing voice will always echo in our ears and his famous stories that we all know and love, will be treasured in our memories.

He left us a great legacy of hope for generations to come, an exemplary role model for us to look up to; a rare and precious gift from God. Only our Pastor Sam.

With love, The Singh’s

Depan, Mattie, Delia and Dechelle.

He Was Always There

Bro. Shalimar Dookeeram - August 30, 2019

Pastor Sam taught me how to be faithful and put my trust in Jesus . He always told me never give up and use the scriptures when I am praying . He was always there for me with encouraging words. I miss you very much and you remain very dear and close to my heart.

Your Messages Planted a Seed

Your Messages Planted a Seed

Bro. Bobby Mohammed - August 30, 2019

Pastor Sam you have such a positive influence on my life. Your messages planted a seed in my heart and my faith became stronger. You encouraged me in every part of my life, tonight my hope and trust is in the Lord. You are dearly missed.

A Heart of Compassion

The Francis Family - September 1, 2019

Paying tribute to Pastor Samuel Philip, a faithful Servant of God who always demonstrated the love of God. He had a heart of compassion for the people of God in seeing them delivered and walking in the freedom of so great salvation.

Thanking God for his life and legacy.

From: Clay, Susan and Angelo.

Image Courtesy Sis Renelle Williams
Image Courtesy Sis Renelle Williams

Video Tribute

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