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Agape Bible Ministries was founded in 1987 when God called Rev Samuel Richard Philip (Pastor Sam) and his wife Grace Philip to begin a ministry mirrored after the experience of the early church in the Book of Acts.

The beginnings saw weekly bible studies being held at the home of Dennis and Meryl Goddard on Wilson Street in St Augustine, Trinidad. As God blessed these studies and the attendance grew, the faithful members began having weekly services at the Archibald Institute building on Austin Street, St Augustine. Here furniture and equipment were moved in and out of the auditorium weekly on Sundays to ensure the school could function the next day.

From its early development Agape received its spiritual covering from Drs. Robert and Glenyce Doorn (Mama and Papa Doorn) who have been Pastors to Pastors all around the world and Bishop Bill Hamon of Christian International. Evangelist Dr. Peter Leonce also paid yearly visits to the church and brought his own distinctive refreshment each time he came.

Under the continued Spirit filled leadership of Pastor Sam, in 1992 God led us to our current location at Riverside Road, Curepe, Trinidad. What was once the Planet Cinema, the first cinema outside of Port of Spain, has since then been the full gospel church, Agape Bible Ministries.

In 2004 the church began a new assembly in Guanapo in east Trinidad. This mission was initially led by Bros Ted Modeste and Ramzan Hosein. This assembly is today known as Agape Bible Ministries, Guanapo.

While the membership and leadership have changed over the years, the core principles and beliefs of Agape Bible Ministries have remained. We are a church that helps you establish a relationship with Jesus Christ, and encourages you to experience His love and victory through the Holy Spirit.

We eagerly look forward to what God will continue to do through His ministry at Agape.

Agape Curepe

41 Riverside Rd
Trinidad & Tobago

Agape Guanapo

#54 Heights of Guanapo Road
Wallerfield, Arima
Trinidad & Tobago

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