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Agape – The Love of God

In the beginning God made the earth with land and sea areas, rivers, plants, land and sea animals. It was all very beautiful, but God felt the need for a being on this beautiful planet who would be able to guard and keep His creation and with whom He could have a heart to heart relationship. So He made the first man, Adam.

Agape – The Love of God (The Separation)

When the separation between God and human beings happened, it was because we decided that we could be our own god, and we could manage our lives for ourselves. We therefore declared our independence from Him.

Agape – The Love of God (The Work of Jesus Christ)

When Jesus Christ came, born to a virgin through a supernatural miracle of God, He was not corrupt in His spirit, mind, emotions, motivations or body. He did not have the splendour of God. Instead He humbled Himself to human limitations.

Agape – The Love of God (Jesus Conquers Death)

An amazingly wonderful event happened AFTER Jesus Christ died.

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